Skylights have been used in architecture for thousands of years and date back to the time of the Romans. Found in the Pantheon itself, open skylights feature heavily across Roman architecture and then evolved into closed skylights during the Industrial Revolution.

But, if you’re looking for a home feature that boosts your natural light whilst reducing energy bills and you’re reluctant to make extensive and expensive changes to your property, a skylight could be the thing for you. Read on to find out more and the benefits of adding a skylight in your property.

Increases natural light

During any day, whether winter, summer, rain or shine, a skylight will brighten up your home. This is particularly useful for those homes that let in very little natural light. This will make your home look more appealing and spacious, as well as help decrease your energy bills and the number of times you’ll be switching on and off your electric lights.

Extended space

Briefly touched on above, skylights will help make a home or room more spacious than it is. What could’ve been a cramp and stuffy space will feel a lot bigger as skylights are one of the most effective ways to increase the perception of space. Team this with a few mirrors and you’ve got a room that looks significantly larger even if you’ve done nothing to it.

Improved heating and reduces energy bills

During the winter months, a skylight can help trap in the heat to your home. Additionally, the sunlight from above, even during winter, can help reduce your energy bills as your home will be naturally warmer. You may experience some heat loss in winter but newer skylight models aim to prevent this.


Many modern skylight models have remote control systems so they can open up on a hinge. This allows for continuous airflow throughout the home and, as heat rises, will help add ventilation into the property sending any hot air upwards and out of the property.

Mental health

With interrupted airflow and natural light comes emotional and mental health benefits also. A skylight can help those who suffer from depression or seasonal affective disorder. With increased sunlight exposure and fresh air, this can boost mood and have a calming influence. In the spring or summer, open up your skylight to reap all the benefits of listening to birdsong and the wind in the trees.


If you’re convinced and are looking for a company to install a skylight into your Aberdeenshire home today, consider using AJ Donald Slaters. For more information regarding our skylight models and installation services, contact us today.