As long as their gutters are working, most people give them little thought. Cleaning them out after a storm or before winter sets in is a good idea, but even then, how closely do you really look at your gutters? Do you just scoop out the leaves and debris and move on? That could be a bad idea, according to experts.

Gutters, like anything else, need to be replaced from time to time. It’s essential that every homeowner can recognise the signs of gutters breaking down. This will help you replace them before any permanent damage is done.

Why Replace Your Gutters?

Faulty gutters can cause a lot more issues than water pouring down right where you need to walk. When gutters don’t move the water along to the safe areas and instead, leak or spill water in areas they’re not supposed to, you can end up with water damage.
Water damage can affect the areas of the house the gutters touch. The wood may be rotting and there will be peeling paint if the water damage is bad. You’ll also notice stains or mildew.

The foundation of the home can also be affected if water is ending up where it’s not supposed to. Mildew and mould can end up growing around the foundation. You may see puddles of water; another sign replacement is needed.

Signs Your Gutters Need to Be Replaced

No one wants to replace parts of their home, but doing this ahead of time will prevent the issues previously mentioned, so it’s certainly a worthwhile endeavour. Here are the most common signs that your gutters should be replaced before long.

Paint starting to peel: One might think that scraping the gutters down and repainting would be a good solution, but if your gutter is a coated galvanized steel, it’s more serious. The peeling paint means that moisture has gotten under the protective coating and repainting can’t undo that damage.

Rust shows up: If you see reddish or orange spots or runs wherever the gutters touch the house or at joints, etc. it’s rust. This means the galvanized steel has been exposed to the elements and is deteriorating.

Gutters are sagging: Look at your gutters from a distance. You’ll notice if they’re sagging down and away from the house. This is a sign that it’s definitely time to replace them. The curve in the gutter means that water won’t drain properly and indicates it’s time to install new gutters.

Gutters are starting to split or crack: Even small cracks can cause major issues later on. These often occur over winter, when water sitting in the gutter starts to freeze and expand. It can destroy the gutters and the cracks will only grow. Be sure to keep an eye on any small cracks and replace sections with larger splits.

Your gutters serve an important purpose and need to be looked after. If you need to replace your gutters, call A.J. Donald to get a quote.